Although Glo 4G LTE the worst group is the Grandmaster of data in Nigeria however individuals are complaining about their sluggish 4G unbearable group in some location.

Subscribers have tagged Glo 4g lte the worst group throughout the nation for treating Nigerians badly and terribly with the poor erratic group.

Based mostly on some twitter subscribers;

glo 4g lte the worst network

@Goldberg4000, ”It’s positively not an issue of hyping our private. The fact is, using a Glo Sim card is tantamount to you not making a good choice. Glo will promise you the whole thing and give you nothing in return, they’re the dodgy automotive salesmen of Cell Networks.”

@maverickMaM, ”@GloWorld Restore your group, help us to help you. /You probably can try loading an online web page with Glo group, deciding on three cups of beans, put together dinner it on the best vary (not gasoline ooo), fry stew, eat and wash plates. Your internet web page will nonetheless be on 70%.”

@Radioanchor, ”@GlobacomNigeria Are pretty horrible. Just a few areas. You’ll buy 5GB for one month You’ll be begging them to utilize 500MB sooner than it expires. The data goes off and comes one at will or when you’re asleep. Calls are exorbitant. Unclear channels, merely title it. I’ve a SIM sha.

@Lawdiasa, ”I’ve talked about it sooner than that @GloWorld must channel their belongings in route of upgrading their group pretty than selling, nevertheless they’ll not at all hear. The next issue they’ll do is to ask me about my location as whether or not it’s peculiar to my location. After they’re ready we’ll know.

@SHOMOPE, ”Glo don’t need additional funds. They dish additional money to celebrities than any agency proper right here in Nigeria. Their regular is just poor. Am not complaining in any case…we now have greater substitutes.”

@mercie_jates, ”Been loyal to glo since 2005 nevertheless I can inform you it’s been an abusive 1412 months relationship.”

@KYAQY, ”The one motive why I nonetheless use my Glo SIM is that I haven’t made money however. Wait a minute… What if the SIM is accountable for me being broke by making the connection to my future helpers freaking sluggish?”

@iam_topboii, ”I abandoned Airtel for Glo sim resulting from their low-cost info entry, now on every time it’s a night I end up participating in video video games then go to mattress early attributable to harmful group.”

@jurstinnie, ”Glo and Satan no distinction, they are going to offer you ample info and take the group away from you, foolish Glo sim.”

@_Tolexy, ”A snail will even cowl a 100m distance sooner than a Glo sim will receive a 100mb file.”

@perplexed_ustaz, ”Glo Sim with info is kind of a partner on her interval. You suppose you might have her, nevertheless you do not want her.” Qalb. Once you like, have one zillion gigabyte. Frequent standing you might’t view. Nonsense group suppliers. I hate to suppose that we’ll’t have a single working group in 9ja.”

@ConsciousLoner, ”I known as Glo identify centre to complain regarding the harmful group on my Glo sim and the shopper care agent requested if i didn’t use one different group. That it’ll be advisable to get one different sim.”

What has been your experience thus far with the Glo group?

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